Fernley OTHMX race Oct 11

This is my first attempt at writing a story to go with my photos, so it’s probably too brief and to top it off, I missed some of the winners.

The weather was great for a what was to be a good day of racing.  Lots of larger bike riders made for good competition in those classes.


Winner of the PeeWee 4-6, 50cc classes

Winner of the PeeWee 4-6, 50cc classes, #95, Ryder Dixon, Fernley, on a KTM

Ryder Dixon and his family. He wanted to thank them for supporting him.

Ryder Dixon and his family. He wanted to thank them for supporting him.

Winner of PeeWee Open, #178, from Dayton NV, on a Suzukiki

Winner of PeeWee Open, #178, Sam McCord from Dayton NV, on a Suzuki

1st (T. Stone) and 2nd (L.Jones) place come past the flag.

1st (T. Stone) and 2nd (L.Jones) place come past the flag.

#651, Jesse Sanchez, Sparks, on a Kawasaki, celebrates his win in the 250/450 Pro class. That's T. Brant in the background, running in the 250/450 Intermediate class

#651, Jesse Sanchez, Sparks, on a Kawasaki, celebrates his win in the 250/450 Pro class. That’s T. Brant in the background, running in the 250/450 Intermediate class

Start of one of the motos

Start of one of the motos

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Back pain

For years, I dealt with sometimes excruciating lower back pain.  Most of that went away after I quit wearing a belt with about 22lbs of gear and sitting funky in car seats to accommodate that equipment.  Never mind the times I lifted or carried items much too heavy for me, or sat in unforgiving jeep seats at speed over rough terrain.  I’m a whole lot more careful now, BUT, sometimes the pain returns.  Not enough to completely stop me, but enough to slow me down so I don’t get to do a lot.

This weekend was one of those times.  One of the SAR teams I am a member of, had scheduled some mine safety training this weekend and I was looking forward to it.  Instead, I twisted wrong and tweaked my back.  So instead of attending the training and probably tweaking my back some more, I stayed home.

I even missed my friend’s sales booth at the Virginia City Chili Cookoff.  Darn it.

Yes, there will be another time, but it’s still frustrating!

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ArenaCross Part Two

Ok, so Saturday didn’t have such a great start.  At least we would be racing INDOORS!  That’s a first.  Went over to registration, then later brought the bike and support stuff (stand, tools, cooler, chairs).  Have you ever wondered how these events are put on?  Well, special dirt is brought in and laid out on the floor of an arena.  Then it’s worked by small heavy equipment into flat tracks interlaced with jumps, whoops, table tops.  Due to the compact nature of the floor, the tracks loop back and forth.

It’s not so bad, but your “pit” can be anywhere on the ground floor, as long as you can find a roughly 10′ x 10′ or larger space.  We managed to tuck ourselves in against a concrete pillar and portable staging.  WOW, we were now right in front of the bike race entrance.  Talk about not having to go far.  We even had a speaker there too!  Not that we’d hear it with all the other noise.  One thing that you can’t do, is fuel or start your machine inside this area.  There’s no ventilation to handle that much exhaust or fuel fumes or worse….fuel fire.  So this is done outside.  WOW #2, we didn’t have to push the bike that far to get that done either!

Brian and Elijah have this “thing”.  Most of the time, Elijah want’s Dad to help, and no one else.  So, other than handing Brian tools, my time is spent watching schedules, watching kids to make sure they are around when their staging time is near, and trying to take photographs.

Did I mention that this was the first time inside an arena?  Well, I decided that I should test my camera.  Good thing!  This one has no setting to adjust for the arena lights that just happen to be tungsten, so everything was green.  Worse, the maximum “film” speed was 1600 and I didn’t bring my external flash.  This meant that the racers would be blurry because there wasn’t enough “light” for the camera to properly “see” my subjects.  I asked another photographer (one of those guys using the longggg lens setups) and he said he was using a “film” speed of 4000.  OOPs, that puts this camera out of the class.  And my other two were in for repairs/maintenance.  Back to “old style” shooting.  Both eyes open and try to track my subjects.  It sort of worked.  I got a few photos.

Elijah racing.  Well, he was convinced that he couldn’t be his friend Stormy, but figured he could beat some of the others.  Yep, took him a couple of races, but he moved from qualifying 8th to finishing 7th.  Not bad, since the others in front of him were older.  He still pushed them!

We watched the main event, then the little guys were up.  Elijah managed to come up 5th this time!  In front of a sell out crowd.  Now he’s THRILLED!  So Dad entered him in Sunday’s races.  There he moved took 5th again, after having the bike slide out from under him in a corner and having to earn that spot back.  The next race, he took advantage of another riders problems and easily moved into 3rd!  Because he finished so well, he was invited to the next race, the finale, in Las Vegas.  Too short of notice for school and budget, but NEXT YEAR!!

The rest of the day was the 5 hour drive home, with another side wind and construction delays.  The kids didn’t want to, but they went to sleep and were sound asleep when we got to Kim’s.  Unloaded everything, and I headed to Reno.

The motorhome averaged 8mpg overall.  Could be better, could be worse.  But it was FUN!!

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Arena Cross part one

WOW!!!  What a weekend.  Kim’s family and I went to Fresno for ArenaCross 2015.  My grandson Elijah races a 50cc KTM and had the opportunity to participate in the event.  Turned out, some of his little buddies that he’d met at other events were there too.
The drive was uneventful, if you call an over-reactive appartment manager and a wind that tried to blow us over, uneventful.  (I’ll write about the apartment complex later.)  A storm front was moving in and the wind came at us from the west at 10-15 mph with gusts to 25 (according to the weather service).  All I know is that flags were waving straight out and big trucks were wobbly.  I slowed down from 65 to 60 and didn’t notice the wind so much.  When you’re driving a big sail on land, speed may not be your friend!

We got to SaveMart Arena and found the parking lot essentially empty!  No one there to direct how or where to park.  So we parked in the lot where the event online map depicted and went in to find out a bit more.  Yep, we were in the right spot.  The guy, John, also gave us great information about completing registration in the morning.

Went back to the motorhome and found a few more had parked around us, including the Higgins coach with Stormy Higgins family.  WOW, Elijah had a friend.  Competition, but still a friend to play with.  At least until race time.  🙂

The rest of the evening was spent checking the bike, mingling with other parents, etc.  That evening, the rain hit.  It wasn’t too bad until about 4 a.m. when suddenly water dripped onto my head!  GREAT, the roof was leaking!  I figured it was at one of the seams, since it’s all one panel.  So I unleveled the motorhome to allow the roof to drain better.  I had no sealer with me, so I grabbed a couple garbage bags and cut each to make a single sheet.  I just hoped that the surface tension of the water would be enough to hold them until enough water built up on top of them.  Yep, worked like a charm.  I had to put a garbage bag over the front vent too.  (ahhh, the thrill of RV life).

After moving the wet stuff on my bed, I went back to sleep.


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A month later

Well, I know why I don’t write. I’m BUSY and just don’t take the extra time to write. I sort of envy those who can manage that extra bit.
March: A motocross race every weekend took up every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Then every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday was child care as I watched two of my grandchildren while their parents work. That left Thursdays to get things done around here, including working on titling and registering a motorhome.
THAT took two trips to NV DMV on Thursdays, but it’s done. However, thanks to Nevada’s view of smog laws, I had to register a 1988 motorhome as a classic vehicle. Not because it won’t pass an emissions test, but because it won’t pass the VISUAL test. There’s no gas nozzle restrictor in the fuel inlet to prevent the use of regular leaded gas, so I’d have to figure out how to add one. Never mind that the motorhome was manufactured without one and you can’t buy regular leaded gas anywhere except airports and they won’t fill a motor vehicle. “I’m sorry sir, but those are the rules”. Dork probably wasn’t even born when the motorhome was built. Anyway, it’s titled and registered! YAY!! And gets 9mpg. BOOOO!
So the motocross racing went fairly well. My grandson has been racing for only one year and holds his own against kids that have been racing for 2 or more years. Sometimes he wins, sometimes, he’s 2nd or 3rd, but considering the experience difference, that’s pretty darn good! And now on to April!
Darn, I had to cancel out of our 2015 family reunion though. With childcare and motocross, there was no way I was going to make it out to Colorado this year. I’m thinking that I’ll just have to save more money and travel on my own. AFTER I sell both the travel trailer and the motorhome and get one travel trailer. While all I need is a 20 foot, or even just the camper shell on my truck, WE need a 25-27 foot with a slide out for motocross. Towing a trailer with my truck gets me 12-17 mpg, which is better than the current motorhome at 6-9 mpg. DREAMS and TIME!
Time to stop and get other stuff done. Clean house, etc.

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Fell off the wagon

Not what you think. I fell off the writing wagon. I haven’t added to this blog for THREE YEARS!! JEEZZZ.
Many of those who know me, know I get these “strange vibes” and act on them.
Last week, I was headed home from California, when my truck “low fuel” light came on. Hmmmmm……so I pulled into a strange little station that had an odd diesel pump. While fueling, I noticed a red car with it’s hood up, parked behind the station. Nothng unusual, until I watched a woman step up to it, holding a fan belt and looking at the engine. She stood there for a few minutes, looking perplexed, trying to see down into where the belt would go.
The pump stopped, so I finished and started to drive away. For some reason, I decided to make sure she had help coming and turned that direction instead of out onto the street and away. I asked if the belt was going to install itself and the conversation continued.
Without going into detail of the next hour of events, this woman accepted a ride from a stranger to make sure she had the right belt, then helped install the belt after we returned to her car. Even down to getting dirt under her nails! We got the belt on, jumped the battery, and got her car fixed.
Now normally, I’d ride off into the sunset, but…she left first, it was noon, and I was headed east. Thinking…truck didn’t need fuel (I had 8 gallons left), odd little gas station right nearby, I turned right instead of left back onto the street, she didn’t panick when I asked about her car or if she wanted a ride to the parts store, she didn’t hide inside her car while I fixed it but instead was willing to help, and got dirty doing it, and it only took a few tools that I happened to have with me.
Oh yeah, and had eyes that started out grey then turned green. I hope she made it to work for the rest of the afternoon.
Sometimes I just wonder where my angels direct me. Hmmmmmm….

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Went to pick up replacement campershell, and it’s the WRONG color.  My truck is Granite Blue and the shell was painted Blue.  It wasn’t the fault of the the local shop, but the folks at the shop where it was made.  It happens.  Now I’ll wait a couple more weeks for the shell.  This makes moving wood easier!

Had dinner with cousin Patti, her hubby Jerry, aunt Donna and their friend Judy.  Then we played a game of cards.

It’s currently raining, and is supposed to come down hard.  Flood watch/warning has been posted for the fire areas.

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